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It is likely that you will have heard of the Retail Prices Index since it is frequently mentioned on the television and in newspapers. However do you appreciate how important it is to your every day life? It can affect tax allowances, wage negotiations, state benefits and even maintenance payments to a former spouse or your children.

The Retail Prices Index is a measure of change in the general level of prices that are charged for a collection of goods and services bought by the majority of households in the UK. Due to the diversity of the goods and services surveyed each month the Index acts as an important indicator of the economy of the UK.

The table to the left shows the percentage change in the Headline Retail Price Index. Each line shows the percentage change over the previous 12 months and the arrows indicate whether the change is different to the previous month's figure.

RPI sector breakdownThe Pie Chart shows a break down of the different sectors considered when calculating the index and shows the 'weightings' associated with them. These 'weightings' have been designed to reflect the likely expenditure of the households in the UK.

It can be determined from the graph why changes in the cost of Housing or Travel & Leisure can have a significant effect on the Retail Prices Index, whilst changes in Personal expenditure (such as clothing) have much less impact on the Index.

Source: National Statistical Office

The information on this page has been sourced from the National Statistical Office website. We do not represent that the information it is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such.


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